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"Follow The Sun"

by Fayeed Tan (guitar) 

"Time, Music, Me"

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3 chart topping tracks I played on for the hugely successful Thai Pop band PIANISMO. 

All drum tracks heard on this site were  recorded by Fran in his studio

"The Sky was the Limit"

Jack Thammarat


"Bock to Bock"

Bobby's Backing Tracks Session

with Jeff Pevar and Danny M


Bobby's Backing Track Session

with Matthew Charles Heulitt 


Bobby's Backing Tracks Session

with John Findlay - Guitar

Anton Davidyants - Bass

Norman King - Sax

"Tokyo Trip" - Jack Thammarat

Session for Yamaha and Laney artist

Jack Thammarat


"Move the Sky"

Vinai Trinateepakdee Session

Vinai is the guitarist for the Thai Pop Star, Palmy

"Tears of Joy"

Featuring Fayeed Tan (guitar) 

Anton Davidyants (bass)

"The Saints"

Featuring John FIndlay (guitar) 

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