WELCOME to the transcriptions page! Here you will find transcriptions of my playing. These are done based on repeated requests made by visitors to my youtube channel. If you would like to request a transcription of something you may have seen my play, please email me or message me on facebook using the links below.

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This is a popular one! Many have asked about the displaced groove I am playing at about the 7:06 mark. The transcription includes a core exercise to begin learning the concept and phrasing. Feel free to email me or contact me via facebook with any additional questions.  

Diggin' On James Brown

Noodling around with this slick and funky tune by one of my ALL TIME favorite funk bands, Tower of Power!! This is a slight variant of the original groove played by Herman Matthews.

Higher Love

Covering a classic track  here by JR Robinson. In the tune  "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood, JR played one of the most revered drum tracks in pop history. In particular, the intro latin flavored groove played on the snare, is considered drum God worthy by many drummers.  ENJOY! 

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