To hire Fran.....

...for a session

   If you would like to hire me to play on a track or tracks for your project, please contact me using the email link below. My rate is $150 per tune which includes stems and a stereo mix. If you would prefer stems only, the rate is $100 per tune. 


   All you would need to do is email your tune to me (.wav files or 192 Kb/s 44,100Hz stereo mp3) and I will do the rest. Once a track is recorded, I will email you a "rough mix" of it for you to determine if the track is acceptable or if there is anything you would like to change. Once you give the "OK" you will receive your track or tracks via email. Tracks are usually recorded and sent back within 24 - 48 hours. 


   Payments for tracks can be made via Pay Pal or Credit Card. For more info, please contact Fran using the email link below. producer for your drum tracks

If you have visited my youtube channel and liked what you heard and would like those drum sounds for YOUR project, or have your OWN sound in mind, I am available to mix your drum tracks for you. My rate is $75.00 per tune.  Just send the raw tracks in .WAV form and I will do the rest! your drum instructor

If you have visited my youtube channel and liked my instructional videos and playing style and feel that you would benefit from lessons with me, I am available to teach you either in person or via SKYPE. I am a Berklee College of Music alumnus and I have over 30 years of teaching experience teaching a comprehensive method of musicianship behind the drums. I am also completely open to tailoring a lesson plan based on your goals and aspirations. 


My SKYPE lessons are in HD with mixed pro audio. 


Contact me using the link below or call: 203-710-0236 and leave a message. I will return your call ASAP. Rates available on request. There are many plans available to accomodate your budget. 


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