Make a difference in your playing and study drums with a pro with over 30 years of experience.  Fran has his own unique proven concepts and methods of teaching which have been enjoyed by his students for many years now. Among his students and peers familiar with his teaching style, he is considered a "Master Drum Instructor". Not only will you learn how to play the instrument and become well versed in a plethora of musical genres, but you will also learn the art of recording drums and how to promote yourself in todays world of social media! Give yourself the opportunity to get to the next level by scheduling a FREE consultation with Fran TODAY!! Available live in his home studio or via Skype! Email Fran at

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Sample Lesson -"Rodney Holmes cowbell groove"

A breakdown and demonstration of the famous Rodney Holmes cowbell groove. 

Skype lessons with Fran are available. High Def video and pro audio! Watch over Frans shoulder as he demonstrates his proven concepts and techniques. Lessons tailored to your needs! Contact Fran  via email at

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